My Favorite GIF App Features: Giphy Cam (iOS)

Chino Wong
2 min readApr 28, 2016
Giphy Cam App Icon

Giphy Cam for iOS was first released in August 2015 and has been tied to several well-known advertising campaigns including the release of the new X-Files series, and the opening of Star Wars Episode VII — The Force Awakens. The app allows you to capture picture bursts that are converted in animated GIFs, but also allows you to modify any image, video, or existing GIF (!) on your camera roll.

As you might have guessed, my favorite feature of the app is its ability to modify existing animated GIFs. The Camera Roll on any iOS device does not, as of this writing, play back animated GIFs, so seeing your Camera Roll as it should appear is welcome breath of fresh air.

But more compelling than the mere support of animated GIFs, is the way that Giphy (with obvious self-interest) treats animated GIFs — as an equal to video.

Giphy Cam treats videos and animated GIFs as motion media equals

In fact, on more than one occasion I have created GIFs in other apps only to edit them, or convert them to video (for Instagram posting, etc…) using Giphy Cam. It has become for me a very, very useful app.

Not only do GIFs play back the same way videos do, but the prominent pixelated dog-ear from Giphy’s logo, along with the familiar four-sprocket perforations signifying video, are effectively used to distinguish between the two formats.

Video icon vs. Animated GIF icon

The use of the logo is not only a good graphic indication for users of different file formats, but it also deftly reinforces Giphy’s quest to dominate the format. Hard “G,” indeed.

Well-played, Giphy.