My Favorite GIF App Features: Photoscape X for Mac

Photoscape X’s App Icon

is primarily a photo editing suite that includes GIF-creation as a supplementary part of the app.

Photoscape X Create GIF UI

My favorite feature in Photoscape X is that the GIF-creating experience is tailored specifically for making slideshows…and nothing more. Because of this focus, the controls and UI copy all reinforce that single goal of creating a simple slideshow GIF.

Photoscape X’s Per-Image Timing Controls

Changing the amount of time each frame is displayed, for example, is much smoother with a slider than making bulk timing changes in Photoshop, what I consider the quintessential frame-by-frame GIF animation editor based on number of features and legacy alone.

Photoshop Frame Duration Bulk Edit

The other thing I really like about this app given the amount of effort that has clearly gone into building it — it’s free.



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